Theatre aesthetics

”moment:teater is possibly the most interesting theatre stage in Stockholm right now.”
Lars Ring in SvD (one of the largest daily newspapers in Sweden)

A phenomena that should be noticed: people who never or reluctantly go to the theatre, who get an allergic reaction just by hearing the word ”theatre”, who recognize film as much more intense, and the monitor more useful, who think that they are projected to pretentious stupidity and time consuming boredom, who load the ”theatre temples” — such people attend moment.

On the other hand: People who LOVE theatre, who look forward to the next event and to see Uncle Vanya drinking tea, who in theatre enjoy and recall the same texts they once read in school — these people find themselves more comfortable in other places. These people often say when attending moment: ”This is not theatre!” Fine.

But what is it then? It is reality. When our world has transformed into a spectacle, reality has to move into the theatre. 
moment shows the world as we see it, and the ”illusion theatre” that Brecht failed to abolish is banned.

”Without doubt the best play you can see in Stockholm right now.”
Maria Lindh-Garreau DN (the largest daily newspaper in Sweden) about the play Mein Kampf