About moment

”If you want to get out into the big world – go to Gubbängen”
Maria Edström, Kulturnytt P1 (radio program reporting on cultural events in Stockholm).

moment is situated in City, a former cinema, from the 1950ties, in the Stockholm suburb Gubbängen. moment was initiated through a co-operation between artists who produce theatre, concerts, art exhibitions and film clubs. Currently, the main activity is theatre. However, we also produce concerts and other art events on our main stage, and in the bar/café. Since the start 2000 moment has worked to place Gubbängen on the Swedish cultural map, and established ourselves as being at the cutting edge of Swedish culture.

We consider it of utmost importance to spread high quality art outside of the boundaries of central Stockholm, so as to offer a greater variety for suburban people, and to expand the cultural map geographically. Placing moment in Gubbängen is both a coincidence and an active choice. We consider that the central city, with its high costs and special restrictions, has outlived its role as a creative place for independent culture. In other cities throughout the world, it has long been known that the avant-garde movements blossom in the suburbs. Stockholm has to grow, and moment is happy and willing to take the lead in such a development.

moment has been recognized by a number of prestigious award bodies, notably the Swedish Academy (responsible for deciding on the Noble prize for literature). The main directors of moment, Andreas Boonstra and Pontus Stenshäll, have together been rewarded with the Thalia prize, the most prestigious theatre award in Sweden.